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2021 Wedding Trends

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

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@thebarnatavington, @purpledoorprops

If you're wondering what's hot for weddings in 2021, here's a lowdown especially for you my colourful bohemians.

We all know about what 'Rona did to us last year, we are still in it deep, but the new year brings reawakened hope (with a vaccine doing its thing, fingers crossed!), and the need for change.

Image via @purpledoorprops, @eventflaghire, @nymph_interiors @lovedupfilms, @tinisarahcakes

One good thing that happened out of this madness was a sudden creative burst among the wedding industry pros. There must have been hundreds of styled shoots popping up on the grid (I've managedHappiness-provoking to do five myself!).

Image via @byvicki, florist @clairlythgoe, styling @fundooweddingsandevents, furniture @purpledoorprops

Colour started being a focal point for the shoots. And I mean loads of colour. Happiness-provoking colour. Brilliant, marvellous, happy carnival colour schemes. We saw some incredible floristry, amazing backdrops, fabulous tablescape, snazzy shoes, gorgeous headpieces, extraordinary bridal wear and funky groom wear.

Image via Lex Fleming Photo

Wedding planning in itself has changed completely. With safety being at the forefront of our minds, for obvious reasons, weddings are now smaller, but that doesn't mean less special. Humans are adaptable, aren't we? The situation made us think outside of the box and made us want to produce extraordinary things. Attention to detail has never been so important. And I LOVE that!

Image via Caroline Opacic Photography

The wedding budget is focusing on the wow factor now that big weddings aren't going ahead just yet. We want a stunning ceremony backdrop, incredible floral installations, better entertainment, better catering and booze. Dropped are the many table centrepieces and unnecessary favours (you’d be surprised how it all adds up!), and the quality of guest experience is taking centre stage.

Indeed, the focus on wedding design and styling is huge this year. And let it shine!

2. Let’s take it outside

It’s a no-brainer, outdoor weddings will be HUGE this year. So, step forward you colourful, free-spirited bohemians. Let’s show them how it’s done.

From back garden ceremonies to large festival fields, never will tipis, bell tents, fire pits and magical lighting be so popular (if you haven’t yet, reserve and book asap, eek!).

Image via Caroline Photography

3. Cottagecore (generation Z's subculture trend invention)

This is all about celebrating the idealised rural life. Think sleepy villages with dramatic backdrops like sea cliffs, forests, rocky creaks, waterfalls, wildflower-filled or rolling wildflower filled meadows.

The peasant-style wedding dresses are huge right now (check out Bowen Dryden!), vintage décor (french vintage pieces), and loads and loads of flowers.

For that 70s romantic softness, wear a statement hat like the one pictured by the super-talented @ccmillinerycreation. Gorgeous. IN LOVE!

Image via @markuzaphotography, Dress by: Bowen Dryden

4. Here comes the sun!

RETRO COLOURS are back baby! Not that I’m one to fall for every single trend I have you know (true 70s lover here!), but this actually made me do a little dance in the kitchen (would have done a cartwheel if I could!).

Finally, I’m totally in my element people. Oh, let’s celebrate those warm mustard, burnt orange and pale peachy pink tones (forever if I had my way!). The wedding décor design will be out of this world this year, and I cannot wait to start designing something special for you.

Image via @pureleephoto, created by @moonini.creative

5. Dried Flowers

Hello, not like this trend will ever die out with us boho lovers, right? Just think how awesome those retro colour backdrop installations will look with some coloured pampas and palm leaves?! I’m a huge fan of mixing some fresh florals in there too for a ofpop of colour.

Image via @hannah.costello, Florals by @inessanicolsdesign

6. Sustainable Weddings all the way!

This is a big one in our Boho world and we are proud of it. Being Eco should be a way of life, so incorporating it into your weddings should be a no-brainer. It’s pretty straightforward if you think about it; reduce food waste, let there be no plastic in sight, use dry florals or plants that can be kept after/gifted to the guests (how cool is that for a keepsake?!), rent everything (need suppliers? I got you.), reuse and borrow.

Image via Poppy Perspective

Choose a vintage bridal gown, or one made out of repurposed vintage lace (Poppy Perspective), choose eco-friendly wedding stationery (@chloecreative1), eco-friendly bridal jewellery and headpiece (@tobeadorned), eco-friendly florist (@irisandcoflowers) etc. I totally know you got this.

7. Disco Bold Floral Palettes (told you 2021 weddings are all about colour!)

Image via @kirstymackenziephotography, stylist @pinkpalmevents, furniture & backdrop @purpledoorprops

I’m seeing some super bold and very unique colour palettes emerging. This has already been showcased in hundreds of styled shoots last year (there was nothing else for us wedding pros to do but keep creative to stay sane!). Unusual blooms, different textures, eclectic arrangements, and not being scared of mixing unusual colours, resulted in something extraordinary. Think of it as DISCO florals, as I like to call it.

Don’t be scared of experimenting with colour. Speak to your florist about what’s in your mind and find out what is possible to achieve for the budget (florals can be costly!). There are so many super creative florists who are masters at what they do. Take their lead and let them fly. You will not be disappointed. And use disco balls – you can never go wrong with disco balls – fact.

Phew, now that we know where to put our focus, let’s plan some weddings!

Whole lotta love,

Zuza x


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