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How Much Does a UK Wedding Planner, Coordinator, or Stylist Cost?

Updated: Feb 9

Wedding planner explaining the setup to a couple

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Planner

We know how stressful wedding planning can be. It's all fun and games at the start and then reality kicks in and you realise that without help, costly mistakes can be made, you are not sure if the vendors are right, if the venue can give you what you want, how to control your budget, and how to turn your vision into reality. And there's no chance for a do-over.

If you're thinking about getting a wedding planner or stylist on board to help you with your wedding, do your research thoroughly. Shop around to see their styles and prices which fit your budget and vision. Investing in the right planner at the start could be the smartest move you'll make.

A good design-led wedding planner will elevate your day tenfold, and make sure you enjoy they whole wedding planning journey and have the best time on the day.

What to Expect from Planners Proposals

You will find some serious price differences, from as low as £800 for on-the-day coordination to thousands.

The price of a wedding planner or stylist reflects their experience, talent, resourcefulness, and capability.

For full wedding planning; for someone to take over all the logistics and do/book everything for you, run the day itself, deal with all the suppliers, wedmin, and budget handling, expect to pay between 10-20% on top of your total wedding budget. For example, if your wedding budget is £30K, a planner will charge you anything in a region of 5-6K on top of your budget.

Wedding planners differ in style and their packages are suited for different couples, so you have to find the right one for you. There's no such thing as one size fits all!

Our Wedding Package Prices

You will find our wedding packages here. They are our set as minimum fee applicable. The final cost will depend on the size and complexity of your wedding and each proposal is calculated individually.

Our prices are carefully calculated, with consideration to our client's needs and the services we are offering, the time we spend designing or planning, our extensive training, the time and money invested in running our business, experience, dedication, connections, expertise, and the team member numbers needed to set up and coordinate your wedding. We strive to be the best at what we do and that's worth every penny.

We spend so much time planning and designing a wedding, from making the logistics watertight, finding your perfect suppliers, developing your wedding design and creating mood boards to brief all the suppliers with, keeping an eye on the budget, setting you up with your very own Wedding Planning Portal to send e-invites and collect RSVPs from, offering a FREE wedding website to each of our couples, sorting out guest accommodation, leasing with the venues and caterers, creating your wedding timeline, giving you all of our industry insider knowledge, saving you time and money, be your guide and sounding board throughout your wedding planning journey, to setting up, styling and running of the day itself.

Wedding Styling

If you've already sourced everything yourself, booked suppliers, and made things yourself, asking a stylist to come on board at that late stage to make it all work could be next to impossible.


The venue interior will massively influence the style of your setup. Think of it as your background base. The plainer the base, the easier is to achieve the desired look. A strong coloured fussy base requires you to balance it out with your wedding colours (flowers, props). It will considerably limit what you can achieve.

Styling capabilities

Stylists are not magicians (I wish I was!). We can not create something incredible with suppliers that can't deliver to brief (they all niche in what they do), mismatched props that look odd put together, in a venue that doesn't suit your styling. We are only as good as the tools we use!

Good to know

Unless you're a designer yourself and know what needs to be done when it comes to wedding design, dressing/styling to achieve the desired look, not we or anyone else will make it look amazing! Some will certainly try, but chances are you will be disappointed, they will feel awful which can result in a bad review. Because of this, we often say no to a booking.

Wedding Coordination

Couples get confused about wedding coordination and often choose to give this task to the venue offering this as standard. But, the truth of the matter is, having your own independent coordinator compared to using the venue's coordinator is completely different.

Venue coordinators are in charge of venue operations, making sure that the venue staff are doing whats needed. Often, you wont even meet your venue coordinator till the actual wedding day. You wont be familiar with them, they will not be familiar with you and know what you like and dislike. They will simply run your wedding the way they run all the weddings at that venue.

Your independently hired coordinator will build your timeline with you, get to know you and all suppliers beforehand, will create your wedding timeline with you, coordinate the suppliers and setup, and run the day for you exactly the way you want. They will know your schedule inside out. They will be there first thing on the day making sure everything gets delivered on time and take action if anything goes wrong, leaving you stress-free to get ready with your pals.


Do your research and find the right planner/stylist/coordinator for you and your budget. Talk to a few to see if they are your people. Choose them carefully. You might think some charge too much and opt for the cheaper option, but at the end of the day (and we all know this), you get what you pay for.

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Whole Lotta Love,

Zuza xx

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