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Where to find the coolest wedding flowers

Updated: May 22, 2020

Image by: @rudenky

Hanging installation by @floral_style + @art_petrov

Nothing can beat wedding flower decorations done right. Every season comes with its offerings and dictates what kind of decor you can go for. I bet you’re spending hours on Pinterest (I'm for one guilty of that!) looking to find the latest and coolest trends to achieve that wow factor when the guests enter the venue.

I for one think, the right florist is like the right cake maker so do your research.

When choosing your wedding flowers, there is so much to consider and think about; the season, the venue, the colour scheme, and the budget.

In this world of conscientious sustainability, try to balance the beautiful & masterful with sustainable - win win!

Soooo many options to choose from:

Potted plants

Think cacti, air plants, and succulents on a rustic table setting. Just lovely. The brilliant thing is that you can rent a large variety of potted plants now which is great, re-usable therefore sustainable.

Locally sourced wildflowers

Think meadow flowers in your hair, flower crowns for the flower girls and bridesmaids, simple bouquets and table arrangements. Beautiful, natural, sustainable and it won't break the bank.

Fruits and Berries

Think edible decor. Looks lush especially if you're having a grazing table or sharing platters at your wedding.

Dark berries, cherries, figs, mandarins, plums, pineapples, pomegranates - all season depending, obvs.

Check out for inspo.

Floral Moon Gates

These are the new take on the wedding arch.

They make a stunning statement wedding ceremony backdrop for sure and can be placed behind the sweetheart or top table after (double whammy), can be fully or partially decorated with palms, grasses, fresh or dry flowers - the possibilities are endless and always look impressive.

Check out for inspo.

Dried Flowers

So in right now and perfect for autumn weddings.

The most sustainable and boho wedding decorations. Not only that they look incredible but can be taken home or gifted to your dearest at the end of the wedding, making it the perfect keepsake of your epic do.

You can have seed pods, dried grasses, the majestic fluffy pampas, and other dried earthy, coppery blooms. Beautiful.

Check out: for inspo.

Hanging Installations

These have been around for a while but are still the most impressive thing in any room. The rigging and the set-up are a bit tricky but worth every penny (if you got the budget for it and are after that wow factor). If the budget is tight, this can be achieved with super simple fresh flower garlands. Or if your mum-in-law is paying, go for the super impressive giant hanging creation. There. She wanted to get involved, so you got her involved. She can get the credit for it, you can get the best-looking wedding venue decor out of it.

Check out for inspo.

Palm Leaves

This can be a super easy solution if you’re after effortless impact and affordability. They make statement centrepieces. Monstera, fiddle-leaf, and banana leaves make super cool signage or place settings and look uber cool in bouquets and backdrops.

Check out for inspo.

Oversized Bouquets

Really in right now. The season will dictate what you can or can't have on your wedding day but if you’re nervous about going big, don't be. Go big or go home I say. Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Check out for inspo.

Pampas Grass

The heavenly pampas. It is by far my favorite grass for wedding decoration. The more of it the better! It comes in a selection of colours that look totally lush. It got massively popular again in 2019, and it will be for years to come (I hope).

Check out for inspo.

Hoop Bouquets

These are great if you’re after something different for the wedding bouquet and your bridesmaid's bouquets. They're simply lovely and make an excellent keepsake especially those made with dried flowers.

Check out for inspo.

Flower Clouds

This makes me squeal with excitement. ‘Tis a trend started by the superstar florist that is Mary Lennox (look her up, she's amazing!). They’re usually made of just one or two kinds of soft, cloud-like florals and foliage. Their impact on the space is something out of this world.

Check out for inspo.

Foliage - no florals

Sometimes, just green is enough, and boy does it make a statement?! Plus it's super sustainable, which we like.

Check out for inspo.

Single Stems

Think rows of upside-down flowers hanging from a string above the tables or backdrops dotted with individual blossoms. I know it sounds so simple and bonkers, but it looks stunning when done right.

check out for inspo.

If you're stuck with what to go with at your wedding, give me a bell and we can discuss what your vision is, what can be done at the venue, and most importantly what can you achieve for your budget. I can then recommend the perfect florist to make your wedding decor dreams come true.

Love Zuza x

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