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Wedding Fashion Trends for 2023

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Bride in a fluffy blue wedding gown among oversized faux flowers, baloons and plastic flamingos holding a large pink lollipop

Ines Di Santo via Walter Chin

Now that the 2022 wedding season is calming down a tad, it's that time of year when all design-loving wedding planners and stylists look for what's next on the horizon. And I love what I see/read in all the leading fashion houses - always one of my trusted sources of reference.

Maximalism is big for 2023! Think fabulous tablescapes, incredible venue styling, and immersive celebrant-led ceremonies that will make getting married an experience for couples and guests alike. If you want all your loved ones to feel a part of your big day rather than just observers, this is the way to go.

Colour is very much En Vogue for 2023 too - think non-white wedding attire - you know I was doing cartwheels reading that!


Bridsmaids in blue dresses

Rewritten Bridesmaids via Nic Ford

We've seen soft pastels injecting some much-needed colour into the neutral palettes this year already, and not only pastels. Bolder colour palettes appeared too, especially with my couples - which I adored designing. I think the need to really go out and feel the celebration with all of our senses was so important after all the cancellations and restrictions. The need to celebrate life and love in all its multi-colour fullness was beautiful to experience.

The soft lilacs of 2022 will be replaced by the bold blues it seems? Anything from cornflower to grotto blue apparently. Nice! Blues will be popular not only in bridal dresses but for bridesmaid looks, stationery, florals and glassware.


Bride in a pink bridal gown

Watters Design

Pinks are still strong and in all shades too, from corals, and peonies to Fuschia lilacs - think Marshmellow pastels and rich orchid tones for glorious bridal dresses and bridal/grooms suits.

70s and 80s silhouettes

Going retro - those two words are magic to my ears! And I think yours too - if you're here reading this, you are my kind after all.

We are leaving the 60s silhouette behind and going all out with the relaxed yet elevated takes on the 70s form and a more sophisticated softer approach to 80s silhouettes - think sleeves and bows. I'm talking full skirts, statement sleeves and more minimal bohemian dresses. Apparently, rosettes are making their way back in (not sure about that one thought...).

Bride in a short white wedding dress and a cape

Halfpenny London Via Zach & Grace

Wedding flower trends for 2023

Modern bride in white wedding gown with oversized puff sleeves holding a purple hydrangea

Sophie et Voila

Barely-there bouquets

Large bouquets are out, people! There's something very chic about seeing a simple petite bouquet. Think, a couple of large bloomed stems or a petite bunch of Baby's Breath or Daisies.

All out floral arrangements

Jewelled coloured flower wall with streamers

Instalation by London florists Early Hours

We all know that if you want to have that visual impact, and incredible photos, glorious flowers will do that. Exactly, for this reason, couples will (and should) go all out when it comes to floral installations. Think of incredible ceremony backdrops, unusual meadow-like floor installations and table florals styled at different heights and in interesting vessels and you will get the most amazing-looking tablescape.

Wedding Decor

Bride in a turquoise Gucci dress and groom in a blue Vivianne Westwood suit standing infront of stage decorated with fake grass, giant paper flowers, paper mushrooms.  A pink cake is visible in the background in the middle of the stage.

Photo Via Charlotte Patmore Photography

As well as flowers, think about the vibe that represents you as a couple. What props could you include to speak volumes about who you are? What should you hire to make it look like your unique celebration? This is where knowing someone like me comes into play. We will design and plan your wedding together after all. I will know where to find what you need and how to style it exactly the way you want it.

Think about using the whole space for that maximum visual impact - from the ceiling to the floor, and all the little touches and details your guests will notice here and there. Details. Details. Details.

If you are a design-led couple looking for someone to guide you on your wedding planning and design journey, I could be the one for you. Simply fill out the Let's Talk form and find out if we are the perfect match.

Looking forward to it already.

Whole Lotta Love,

Zuza x


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