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I'm Zuza, the planner behind Whole Lotta Love Weddings

Me in a nutshell...​


Hi, I’m Zuza (pronounced Zhuzha), the woman behind Whole Lotta Love Weddings.  A self-confessed rule-breaker, here to inject some (much-needed) colour into the all-white world of traditional weddings.

My love of London (and all things retro!)


I live in SW London, in a house full of retro finds, with my best dancer husband, 3 gorgeous mini dudes, and our beloved dog Ziggy Stardust.

Originally from Croatia, I found my home in London 20-odd years ago, while exploring and trying to figure out where to direct my passion and creativity. 

My journey into the world of wedding planning


After my studies, I was drawn to the buzzy and creative world of advertising, where I got some serious training in logistics and what works visually.  This is where I met and eventually got together with my now husband Paul (after discovering we moved in the same clubbing circles and witnessing him bust some serious moves on the dancefloor - that did it!).

After having babies, the long hours of the advertising world didn’t suit my lifestyle anymore.  I wanted to work around my family, and for myself, doing something super creative and non-repetitive (I love that every wedding I do is different).

I've trained with the best in the business, and here I am today doing my dream job, designing, styling, and planning cool AF weddings (for a good few years now, may I add.), and loving it.

What rocks my boat?


Mid-century interior, architecture, art, design, and of course music are my passions.  It is where I draw my inspiration from.  All that is iconic 60s & 70s retro, full of colour is boldly reflected in my work.

​If you are a fellow rule-breaker looking for a wedding stylist and planner to help you create something truly unique, you are in the right place. I will guide you, advise you, design with you, and get you the best-suited wedding suppliers to realise your dream. You will LOVE the whole wedding planning process from start to finish.



Are we a perfect match?


Here at Whole Lotta Love Weddings, we believe all our weddings should uniquely represent each couple we work with.




  • Creativity

  • Integrity & Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Loyalty

  • Respect

  • Undivided Attention

  • Fun (always fun!)


Our ideal clients are those who put the look and vibe at the top of their wedding planning list, still using the traditional wedding template but adding their own unconventional twist to it.


Our couples are fun, colour-loving, design-led people looking for guidance on how to achieve the look and feel of their special day.


We support them by working closely with them on every design aspect, recommending the best-suited suppliers, giving endless expert advice on execution, including budget and time-saving tips, and magically transforming their venue into the rockstar party space they always dreamed of.


Our responsibility to clients goes all the way by giving them our undivided attention. We work closely with our suppliers to bring all the elements of the day together carefully, making sure everything is done right and nothing has been missed.


We pride ourselves on being loyal, honest, and reliable to our couples and to our suppliers.


And most of all, we make sure the whole wedding planning process feels like FUN by taking all the stress away – we got your back.

If you’re reading this and think, this is exactly what we need, fill out the Let’s Talk form and get the ball rolling now!  Let me show you how easily I can suss out who you are, get your vibe and nail your wedding brief.  Let’s zoom or meet for a coffee, and we’ll know pretty much straight away if we are the right match for each other.  You will get nothing but honesty from me.


If we are the perfect match, I will set off to work on your wedding brief and design a mind-blowing mood board - the easiest-to-follow wedding roadmap.  I can adapt my designs to suit your budget and make your wedding the best it can be. With me and my team on board, you will save TIME and MONEY, and you will enjoy your wedding day the only way you should - like Rockstars!

What planning packages are on offer?


Different cool cats need different packages. Find yours here.



If you think I could be the one for you too, hit me up.


Looking forward to it already.

Whole Lotta Love,

Zuza x

Here at Whole Lotta Love Weddings I love, welcome and work with all humans, without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, origin, or disability. #youdonthavetoaskhere!

Trained with Bernadette Chapman at UKWAP and completed an extensive wedding planning course.

Trained with Ashleigh Li at Pink Palms Events for wedding design and styling.

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