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Wedding planner shows off her blush pink and sage tablescape at Cowley Manor

Sidey Clark Photo

Wedding Planning,
Design, Styling, and Coordination
for Design-led Couples

We offer different packages for cool cats with different needs.  Some need help with it all, some with only the designing and styling and some require assistance with wedding coordination only. Simply pick the wedding planning package that suits your needs best, and get in touch if you need guidance choosing.

Our package prices shown are guide prices only, as we take into consideration the size and complexity of each wedding. 

If, for example, you are looking to book The Maxi, which covers full planning and design, logistics, and the additionally would like us to run the day for you instead of the venue coordinator, then the on-the-day coordination package will be added to the quote. 

For a full wedding planning and design package with on-the-day coordination, team members, take-down, and expenses involved, our quotes usually come to between £6,000 and £10,000, depending on the size, time, travel distance, and complexity. 

For luxe weddings costing over 100K+ our planning and design costs are calculated at 15% of the overall budget.

Things to note

Venue coordinators deal with venue operations such as venue staff and the kitchen. There is no guarantee that the venue coordinator assigned that day will be the same person you have been dealing with before your wedding.  Your hired planner or coordinator knows your wedding inside-out as they have helped with making the wedding schedule watertight, meaning they will run the day for you without the need of disturbing or consulting you on your wedding day.

We might categorise your wedding as complex, for example if it needs to be styled and organised across multiple venues. This often happens when your ceremony takes place somewhere different to where you're hosting the reception, or if you're having celebrations across multiple days. In this circumstance, an extra team member will be added to cover the coordination and this will be added to your quote.

If your wedding setup is complex, with many elements that need completing before your wedding starts, 3 extra team members will be added to complete that task in time.

You may require help with the take-down after the wedding, at midnight or the morning after, and again, this will be added to your quote.

If your wedding is outside of London meaning travel and accommodation for me and my team members, your quote will include those expenses.

The Maxi

Full planning, logistics and design

We create your mood board, hook you up with all the right suppliers, style the day and run all the logistics.

Peach, orange and pink bouquet in the hands of a bride in a blue dress.
Peach flowers up close above a pink and peach tablescape of crockery and menus.

The Midi

Wedding design and styling

You sorted the planning but need help with the design, styling, and setup.

The Mini

Wedding day co-ordination

You need a pro to coordinate the wedding so you can relax and enjoy your day.

Our founder Zuza, standing with a smile and folded arms.

Chloe and James

These two booked the Full Wedding Planning package. They needed a design-led planner who would understand them completely. 


They wanted a celebration that was very special and representative of who they are as people and as a couple.


We worked together closely for over a year, fine-tuning the design, the planning and the  logistics. We hooked them up with the perfect suppliers and delivered the most incredible wedding at Cowley Manor, Cotswolds.


What they said -

Zuza and her team are the best in the business. They all went above and beyond in every aspect when it came to delivering the wedding we could have only dreamt of.


A true professional and a wonderful person to work with.

A bride and groom with hands in a grateful prayer pose, wearing their best vintage attire.

Charlotte Patmore Photography

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