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Wedding planner shows off her blush pink and sage tablescape at Cowley Manor

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Wedding Planning,
Design, Styling, and Coordination
for Design-led Couples

We offer different packages for cool cats with different needs.  Some need help with it all, some with only the designing and some only with wedding coordination. 


Simply pick the wedding planning package that suits your needs best.

Our prices


Our package prices shown are guide prices only.  We have to take into consideration the size and complexity of each wedding. 

If, for example, you are looking for Full Wedding planning, which includes wedding design, planning, and logistics, and want us to run the day for you instead of the venue coordinator, the on-the-day coordination package will be added to the quote. 

Good to know - venue coordinators deal with venue operations (venue staff, kitchen, etc) and there is no guarantee that the venue coordinator assigned that day will be the same person you have been dealing with before your wedding.  Your hired planner/coordinator knows your wedding inside-out as they have helped with making the wedding schedule watertight, meaning they will run the day for you without the need of disturbing or consulting you on your wedding day.

If your wedding is complex, having two different venues for example (ceremony venue and reception venue), an extra team member will be added to cover the coordination.

If your wedding setup is complex, with many elements that need completing before your wedding starts, 3 extra team members will be added to complete that task in time.

If you need help with the take-down after the wedding, at midnight or the morning after, this will be added to your quote.

If your wedding is outside of London meaning travel and accommodation for me and my team members, this will be added to your quote.

In general, we work on weddings that cost anything in the region of 30-50K plus.  For a Full Wedding Planning package with Coordination, team members, take-down, and expenses involved, our quotes usually come to between £6,000 and £10, 000, depending on the size, time, distance, and complexity. 

For luxe weddings costing over 100K+ our planning and design costs are calculated at 15% of the overall budget.

To help you understand budgeting for your wedding, take a look at the blog post that breaks down all your wedding costs here.

Wedding Planning
& Design
From £3,800

If you want the most STYLISH wedding, TIME to enjoy the run-up to your wedding (priceless!), and save MONEY in the process, this is the package that beats all the rest.

Wedding Design
& Styling
From £2,500

You are all over the planning and logistics but need help with creating the look.  No problem. I will work with you to design the most amazing styling concept and help bring it to life. 

Wedding Coordination
From £1,300

One Month Coordination can be booked independently for London weddings only, or as an add-on with the Design & Styling packages in London and beyond.


Client testimonial



"Zuza and her team are the best in the business!

Zuza and her team were incredible from start to finish.


They all went above and beyond in every aspect when it came to delivering the wedding we could have only dreamt of.


A true professional and a wonderful person to work with."

Chloe and James, Cowley Manor, Cotswolds.

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