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A wooden curved seating chart and welcome sign by the foot of the head table.  The welcome sign says 'your seat awaits' is in green with gold fringing, the seating chart is in pink with green text.  A large pink flower arrangement is visible by the welcome sign.

Heather Sham PhotographyH

  • Do we have to like your retro style?
    We would love it if you dig retro as much as we do but it’s not an absolute must. We draw our inspiration from retro eras such as the '50s ’60s, and ’70s, and use them as a guide when designing and styling. If you LOVE colour, want to put an unconventional twist onto the traditional template, and want a design-led modern wedding, we will work just fine.
  • Do you offer planning/styling throughout the UK?
    If your vision rocks our boat, we will be there! Yes. We will travel anywhere for our ideal clients. This applies to full planning and design & styling bookings only. On-the-day coordination, on its own, is offered for London and surrounding areas only.
  • Why don’t you offer coordination, on its own, throughout the UK?
    It just doesn’t make sense (for us and our couples) to travel far for coordination only. You can find brilliant local coordinators close to your venue anywhere in the UK. Coordination is not niche-based; it's pure logistics, so look for someone with good experience. Your venue might know a few who worked there before and can recommend them. TBH, we prefer coordinating weddings that are designed and planned by us. It just means that we have unrivalled insider knowledge when it comes to the setup and how you want your day to unfold.
  • Do you plan weddings abroad?
    We would absolutely consider traveling anywhere for our ideal clients, of course! Just get in touch and let's see what we can do for you. let's talk!
  • Can we change our minds and add coordination on at a later date?
    Of course, you can! Loads of our couples do when they realise that they rather have our team run the day instead of the venue coordinator whom they don’t know very well.
  • Do you decline bookings, and why?
    To stay true to ourselves, we must. There are a few reasons why: The obvious one - we are not available for that date anymore. Our aesthetics don’t align in the slightest. Our niche: modern, colourful and retro-inspired - you know, the rockstar kind. There is no point contacting us if you are after a neutral colour palette, want the all-white look, are into that classic blue & white combo, dig dark colours (goth), or want chair covers with bows (I had to put that one in for laughts - seriously though, what is that all about?!). The couple contact us after they've booked important suppliers and we realise that what they want isn't achievable with those suppliers. The first things I ask clients in our discovery call: Have you booked a venue? Who is the photographer? Who is the florist? The florist is a big one here as flowers play such an imporant part in creating the overall aesthetic. For example, if you wanted modern arthitectual florals but have booked a traditional florist, you will not get what you want! Loads of design-led couples choose wisely, but there are times when couples book unsuitable suppliers that we (or anyone else) cannot work with to create and deliver what is needed. Not because they're a bad suppier, but simply becasue they don't niche in what you want. If we cannot deliver on the design front, it will, understandably, have to be a no.
  • What does wedding styling cover?
    Wedding styling includes concept design and on the day setup & styling of the venue: Beautiful tablescapes - design & sourcing of all the furniture & tableware Prop sourcing Floral design & florist recommendations & briefing Wedding stationery & signage - stationer recommendations & briefings Wedding website design and build (by our very own graphic designer) Set design - bespoke ceremony backdrops, hanging instalations, staging, display plinths, etc. Wedding attire recommendations – we know many incredible independent designers we can hook you up with!
  • Can we rent props from you?
    We are not a prop rental company as such. I haven't listed any props on my website as I believe that every wedding needs to be unique. What I have accumulated over the years is available to my cupplies as and when needed; like disco balls, a large neon sign, peacock chairs, retro coffee tables, display tables, gorgeous candle holders, lava lamps, vases, and so much more. All items requested for a wedding or event will be added onto the proposal quote.
  • We have a specific ceremony backdrop in mind. can you design and build one?
    Yes! We do offer in-house bespoke set design. What this means is that we can design and build a bespoke staging, ceremony backdrops, installations, event signage and display plinths.
  • When do we need to book you in for OTD wedding coordination?
    We take on On the Day Wedding Coordination bookings at least 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding date. (But don't leave it too late as we get booked up pretty fast every season!) What we don't do is take on very last minute bookings for wedding coordination, and the reason is - it doesn’t work. We like to get to know our couples beforehand to underestand their needs and wants. And we need some time to correspond and coordinate the setup with all suppliers involved. I would be weary of anyone willing to jump in last minute and convince you that they can handle your coordination well.
  • We would like you to come set up and style our wedding venue with materials sourced by us. can you do that and how much would that cost?
    Of course, we can come to do the set-up for you and style the venue, but the sourcing has to be done right on your part for it to work. If you are design-led (really know your onions), and need someone for the setup only, we can come up with a bespoke quote for you. Setup is usually done by my team and will set you back approximately £400 per team member plus expenses. How many team members are needed depends on the complexity of the job. FYI, there is at least a team of four on-site when we do setups. This will only work if you understand design though, are experienced with styling/staging and know where to source the perfect styling materials from. What we offer here at WLLW is complete wedding design; mood boards, prop & supplier sourcing, supplier briefing, coordination and venue styling in one package. We pride ourselves in delivering gorgeous styling designs in our retro-inspired colourful niche. Check out what's included in our Design & Styling package here.
  • How far in advance do we have to book you in for planning and styling?
    Our busiest time/prime wedding season is from May to September. It eases up a bit after that. Booking six, eight, or even a year in advance will most probably secure your date. Booking six, eight or even a year in advance will most probably secure your date. Having said that, we do get short-lead bookings too, and we thrive on working against the clock to deliver fabulous weddings/events. But this will only work if your date is free. It is always worth checking if we have availability so get in touch asap.
  • What can we get for our wedding budget?
    We will always work within your wedding budget. I wouldn’t recommend something that the budget couldn’t cover. To help you work out your wedding budget per guest and understand what will push the prices up, have a read about it in the blog post here.
  • What happens after the discovery call?
    After the discovery call I will prepare and send you the proposal, our contract with T&C's, and the booking link. Once the boring bit is out of the way, we deep-dive into your wedding design and the real fun begins! We book in a venue visit, where we can meet in person, do a walk through, and discuss your vision – I will get all my inspiration from this! After the venue visit, we book in the kick-off call to discuss your aesthetics and styling in detail. Before this kick-off call you will receive a clever visual seasonal personality questionnaire. Your answers will be an indication on who you are and what you like, completely. I will ask you to send me everything you have started on already, like your plans for the wedding attire and Pinterest board, for example. In our kick-off call I will present my initial mood-board and we will discuss my styling suggestions. Once we know which direction the design is taking us and what our colour palette is, I will develop a more detailed mood-board. Our signed off mood-board will be used to book and brief all recommended suppliers with. Planning and logistics are led by us if you have booked The Full Sher-bang. Once all is secured, booked, designed, and planned out, you can sit back and enjoy the run-up to your wedding.
  • Do you offer payment plans and what method of payment can we use?
    The way we like to be paid is in three equally spread-out instalments: 40% to secure your booking Second instalment is at the halfway point of your wedding date Last instalment is at 4 weeks before the wedding As much as we aim to calculate our cost in advance, additional invoice could be sent out after the wedding if you incurred extra on-the-day expenses, such as extra staff members, last minute prop changes, extra working hours, collections, deliveries, takedown time, etc. You can choose any method of payment - current account, or credit card. We have Stripe set up to make payments easier. Read more about what’s included in each package, how we work, and the easiest way to calculate your wedding budget here.
  • Do you take commission from suppliers for recommending them?
    We don't do that! If commission is offered by a supplier, we will always pass that saving onto our client instead.
  • We want our wedding to be private. What is your privacy policy on image sharing?
    Most couples are completely fine with us sharing imagery from their special day, however, some couples don't feel confortable doing so. And that is completely their prerogative. This usually comes up with high-profile weddings with famous guests attending, but it is everyone right to keep their wedding private. To insure our couples privacy, this option is available in the contract where you can opt out from imagery usage on social media and in any marketing materials. I've written an informative blog post about this, so if you need guidance, have a read about it here.
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