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Whole Lotta Love Weddings team members

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About Whole Lotta Love Weddings

We are a London-based award-winning weddings and events planning agency, specialising in chic, modern, design-led celebrations.

We know that organising weddings and events can be daunting and stressful, with so much to think about and so many things to decide on, not to mention setting up, styling, and running the day itself.  That is why we are here - to give you a hand when and where you need it most.

We thrive on producing unique and wonderful weddings and events. Absolutely no cookie-cutter celebrations here!


Meet the Team Supreme

I wouldn't just hire anyone to help me work on my weddings and events. That's why I searched and found the best in the biz to be in my Team Supreme. They all bring something new and fresh to the table and are talented, reliable, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. We make sure your wedding or event is set up, run, and styled to perfection.

Zuza Mcken



Hi, I’m Zuza, the retro-loving, London-living Croatian behind Whole Lotta Love Weddings, the lead on wedding/event planning and design, and your main point of contact throughout your wedding or event planning journey.

The name Whole Lotta Love was named after one of the best 70s songs by the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, of course.  Before I founded Whole Lotta Love Weddings, I used to sign off all my emails this way, so the name just felt right.  If I could explain what it feels like to work with me by putting it into a song, this would be it.

My background is in advertising, where I worked with some of the best creative teams in the world – dealing with clients, organising shoots, and getting the best people on board to execute the brief.  It is where I cut my teeth on design and styling almost 20 years ago and learned about logistics while working on complicated projects with big budgets and tight timelines.

I apply all that I’ve learned to the way I run my business today, which has proven to be invaluable for my clients.

When I’m not working, my life revolves around my family of five, music, books, and being in nature - long forest walks on Wimbledon common with my beloved Frenchie Ziggy Stardust is my happy place.


5 Things About Me

  • I love the 70s for the music and fashion and am obsessed with mid-century interior design and architecture.


  • Music and dancing are massive in our house (ex-raver here!).  And yes, I still go clubbing whenever the Brixton Disco Festival is on.  You will find me on that dancefloor till the day I die – feel free to call me Disco Sally.  If I had to choose my desert island three, Disco-Funk, Prince and Bowie would be it.


  • I cannot fall asleep without reading (even after a heavy night with blurry vision!).  I’m a huge fantasy lover – Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ is one of the best books ever.


  • I see spaces in layers and can feel the design coming to life almost immediately when visiting venues (I often sleep on it and wake up knowing what needs to be done.) It’s just the way my neurodivergent brain is built.


  • My dream is to buy a huge old wreck of a house, gut it, and put a modern mid-century stamp on the interior while preserving original features.  One day…

Carly Dryhurst-Smith
Graphic Design & Associate Stylist

Hey, I’m Carly!  I'm a graphic designer and founder of With Bells On!


I like to use my creativity across styling, decor, and - my main passion - wedding stationery. I love both bold, vibrant colour and dark, celestial aesthetics and I would consider myself a proud ‘elder emo’! I get a lot of joy from finding a balance of pattern, shape, colour, and typography and these are the foundations on which I build and craft all of my work.


It’s incredibly important to me to create stationery and styling experiences that are personal and unique to you. I love getting to know couples and capturing meaningful, sentimental details across what we make together. Zuza has a stellar eye for both big impact and tiny elements and we love to work together because we seem to just ‘get’ each other’s vision. It’s all service with a smile over here from us - a genuine one at that!


Outside of work, I have a house full in Bristol; My husband Jason and I have three kids under 5 years old. I like to think this trains me up pretty well for being able to juggle multiple priorities. Let me tell you, if you have more children than hands, you’ve gotta think fast! 


You can check out my work here.

Carly Dryhurst-Smith

5 Things About Me


  • I love nostalgic music from my teens, so the last 3 songs I listened to were Doo Top (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill, Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Crushcrushcrush by Paramore.


  • I was recently given an old doll's house - an absolutely massive one - that’s very Victorian in style. I am itching to spend some time renovating and updating it and I plan to colour block each room. Think, the whimsy of Phoebe’s dollhouse with the aesthetics of Camille Walala - that’s the aim! I find dolls themselves pretty creepy so it's just going to be an interior design project!


  • We moved to Bristol from London in the last year, and I absolutely love the community feel the city brings. It’s full of kind, helpful people who really want to create a collaborative safe space for each other, and in my opinion is a wicked place to bring up all these millions of kids I have. 


  • I don’t miss London too much, but I do really miss days living there with my friend Amelia when we would get our nails done, drink at brunch, explore racks of vintage clothes, and grab a cronut for the tube home. Pampering, booze, retro items, and pastry goods - what more could you want?


  • I really enjoy naming my stationery designs. All my house collection suites are based on lyrics from songs, but I also name all of the bespoke design options when I’m coming up with initial ideas. In the same vein, I like reading the names of paints and nail varnishes and it makes me smile that coming up with these is someone’s job.

Tanya Godfrey
Prop Design & Associate Stylist

Hi, I’m Tanya and I’m the creative director of Daydreamer Creative Studio.


I’m best known for creating bold statement retro banners and signs for weddings which can be treasured for years after the big day.

Having got married back in 2019 at a Railway Museum, I designed and made everything for our day, from doing my stationery, wooden signage, music posters, banners, and bridal jackets to dip-dying tablecloths and making my napkins. Anything I could make myself; you name it, I would do it. For months I would spend all my weekends and evenings, using all my skills from graphics to crafts to create bespoke and unique items, I just loved doing it and was a little sad when it was all over so after a little nudge from my videographer, I started creating pieces for other like-minded couples and it just took off from there. I love working with colour and a theme I can run away with while putting my little retro stamp on it.


When I’m not designing or sewing, you’ll often find me making the most of time with my husband and doing what we love most, travelling. From visiting our favourite colourful seaside towns or discovering new cities around Europe, I always come away full of inspiration for my next project.


You can check out my work here.

Tanya Godfrey

5 Things About Me 


  • I have a Fashion Design degree and I spent over 15 years in the industry before taking Daydreamer full-time this year. I was in my last job for 9 years and I used to design music tees for some of the greatest music artists which was amazing. It was the best feeling going to a gig and seeing hundreds of people wearing the tees you designed. 


  • I’m a gal born in the wrong era, I’ve always been an old soul, but I love everything about the 60’s and 70’s, the colours, the vibe but especially the music. I have hundreds of vinyls from my favourite artists like Bowie, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Stones. Daydreamer even comes from my favourite Bowie song ‘Moonage Daydream’.


  • I love nothing more than rummaging through charity and vintage shops, you never quite know what you may find. Most of my home décor is retro 60’s/70’s items I’ve thrifted. If you come to my house, you’ll see I’ve got this thing about West German Pottery. 


  • I’ve always loved making things. My great auntie taught me how to sew when I was a little girl, I soon after got my first sewing machine, and ever since then, I’ve always made things. If I’m not sewing now, you’ll find me painting, drawing, doing origami, and macrame, or learning a new craft.


  • People are always surprised by this one but I’m a huge football fan and I have a season ticket for my team Watford FC with my mum. We’ve been going together for nearly 20 years. 

Amy Lord
Set Design & Associate Stylist

Hey, I’m Amy - I’m a thirty-something set designer, prop creator, event stylist, and creative director of The Joy Eclectic.


I’m a practicing multi-disciplinary artist who creates installations and dream-up art projects mainly in London and the Northeast when I get the time.


I’ve had a life-long love affair with making and get such a kick from imagining something in my head and bringing it to life. My background in theatre design means I’m never far away from a power tool, sewing machine, or paintbrush. I see weddings as another form of theatrical production - it needs a whole team to pull off the spectacle!


I would definitely say I’ve got an eclectic taste - I love the bold, bright, and colourful but equally earthy, neutral tones and monochrome. It just depends on my mood and the season.


Before focusing on weddings, I ran another company for 6 years - Lemonade and Laughing Gas. Our largest event was an immersive theatre and dining experience in Farringdon, inspired by Twin Peaks which saw 9000 people through the doors. We took an empty building and transformed it into a whole other world with set design and installations.


You can check out my work here.


5 Things About Me:


  • I’m an eighties baby which means I’m still obsessed with 90’s bangers.


  • I’ve got an HND in Interior Design (I’m still hoping to do this career at some point)


  • I’m originally from Northumberland so although my accent isn’t as strong anymore (I’ve been in London for 16 years now!) I definitely still consider myself a Geordie.


  • I’m a grade 8 pianist…. nope don’t really use that skill these days!


  • I’m married to a comedian, and we have a toddler, Bonnie. Laughing and not taking things too seriously is really important to us all.

Our Ideal Clients

Our ideal clients are design-led, colour-loving people, those who put the look and vibe at the top of their wedding or event planning list.

They look to us to help them with the wedding/event design, find their perfect suppliers, and work with us every step of their planning journey by nailing the planning, logistics, setup, running of the day, and takedown.


We offer our clients the most brilliant complimentary online wedding planning tool.  A platform where they can build their free wedding website, send their e-invites out, collect RSVPs, dietary and accessibility requirements, use an easy-to-fill-out seating plan, and offer their guests direct accommodation booking selected especially by us, all in one place.  

Our responsibility to clients goes all the way by giving them our undivided attention. We work closely with our suppliers to bring all the elements of the day together carefully, making sure everything is done right and nothing has been missed.

We pride ourselves on being loyal, honest, and reliable to our clients and suppliers alike.

And most of all, we ensure the whole wedding/event planning process feels like FUN by taking all the stress away.


Are we the right match?

Here at Whole Lotta Love Weddings, we believe all our weddings and events should uniquely represent each client we work with.

Our core values are:

  • Creativity

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Loyalty

  • Respect

  • Undivided Attention

  • Fun (always fun!)


If we are the perfect match, we will set off to work on your wedding/event brief immediately, design a mind-blowing mood board, get you the perfect suppliers, and work on those failproof logistics.  We can adapt the designs to suit your budget and make your wedding/event the best it can be. With us on board, you will save TIME and MONEY, and you will enjoy your day the only way you should - like Rockstars!

If you’re reading this and think, this is exactly what we need, fill out the Let’s Talk form and get the ball rolling now!  Let us show you how easily we can suss out who you are, get your vibe, and nail your wedding/event brief.  After meeting on our no-obligation discovery Zoom call, we will know straight away if we are right for each other.  You will get nothing but honesty from me.

Venues we LOVE


There are SO many hidden gems and opportunities for unique-looking weddings and events in London and beyond. Let us help you find your perfect place and watch us transform it into something special.

Find out what hidden gems we like to work at most here.

Bride and groom kissing at Cowley Manor


For retro-ispired, desing-led couples.

Retro disco event backdrop design


Insta-worthy event design, setup and styling.

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