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Chic, Retro yet Modern

I’m all about the non-traditional wedding décor, style, and vibe.  I don’t do beige and I don’t do cookie-cutter white wedding looks.  Well, just look at my gallery and you’ll know what I mean.  You want colourful, cool, and modern?  That is what I love doing best.

Retro-inspired weddings


Retro is where I draw my inspiration from.  It’s all about being unique and unconventional.  It’s all about being the most authentic you can be.  I’m here to take what’s in your mind and make it into reality. 



Making your wedding chic and modern


Most of my couples come to me after hitting a brick wall looking at wedding venues and seeing the same old wedding images on their websites, which immediately makes them lose interest.  Don’t do that.  Chances are, with some clever styling, I will know how to make any wedding venue look cool. Anything is possible, trust me.

The importance of sharing the same style


If you share the love of my prefered aesthetic, I'm the one for you. If you don’t, chances are I’m not. It’s like anything really, there is a right wedding planner for all tastes out there, so choose wisely.

Check out the FAQs page - loads of important questions answered here.

Wedding inspiration


I can not wait to hear what you had in mind for your unconventional colourful wedding. If you need some inspiration, come take a look into my world of style here

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