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Contemporary wedding ceremony backrop with florals

Zach & Grace

Retro-inspired Modern Weddings for
Design-led, Colour-loving Couples

We don’t do beige and we don’t do cookie-cutter, boring weddings. Do you want a wedding that speaks volumes about your vibe?  Do you want to inject some colour into your design and make it cool and unique?  That is our niche and what we do best.

Retro-inspired wedding styling


Retro is where we draw our inspiration from.  It’s all about being unique and unconventional, about being the most authentic you can be. We are here to take what’s in your mind and make a reality.

Making your wedding chic and modern


Most of our couples come to us after hitting a brick wall when looking at wedding venues and seeing the same old wedding images on the web, which doesn't speak to them. Don’t be disheartened! Chances are, with some clever styling, we will know how to make any wedding venue look cool (well, almost - a good design base is crucial).

The importance of aligning our styles and vision


If you share the love of our preferred aesthetic, we are the one for you. If you don’t, chances are we are not, but we can recommend some other suppliers to you who might be your match. It’s like anything really, there is a right wedding planner for all tastes out there, so choose wisely.

Check out the FAQs page - loads of important questions are answered here.

Where to start? We approached Zuza with an idea of what we wanted, but only half an idea of how to execute it.


Zuza brought structure, creativity, contacts and flare to our planning process with incredible results.


She helped us navigate some tricky situations and ensured we got the wedding of our dreams - all we’ve heard since is “best wedding ever” and although we’re biased we don’t disagree. It was truly a feast for the eyes, with a completely transformed venue and a programme of entertainment that left everyone glowing.


Nearer the time we realised actually we’d benefit from her on the day coordination too; which was also a life saver as she ensured the day flowed without any issues whatsoever. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go with Zuza - we’d say absolutely do it.

Lara and Gus

A chinese bride and white groom grin and hold hands whilst walking through billows of confetti.

Marta Ilardo Photography

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