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choosing the right photographer for your wedding

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

One of the most important suppliers at your wedding - FACT!

This is something I wanted to write about for a while now. I believe in it so passionately.

Over the years I’ve seen and heard of so many horror stories about couples hating their wedding photos (me included!), so please believe me when I say that the importance of investing in the right photographer should be your number one priority.


The ‘Oh, I have a mate who’s handy with the camera.’, or 'A family member will do it.', or ‘A family friend is really good.’ is something I hear ALL the time.

I totally get the fact that saving money plays a big role in prioritising when planning a wedding. The budget can be tight and you’re trying to save money any way you can. Or even that you couldn’t say no to a mate offering taking photos as a gift.

Three words: DON’T DO IT!


Your photographer is a pro at your wedding, there to do a job.

They are not there to eat and drink with you, to dance and party with you. They are there solely to make sure your day gets captured in the most magical way.

They will do a venue visit beforehand and explain everything you need to be aware of.

They will ask you questions about you, your preferences and your perfect photos you haven't even thought of.

They can offer you a pre-wedding shoot so you get a test-run before the big day.

You need the right photographer at your wedding so you can revisit the treasured images time and time again, and reminisce about that best day of yours for years to come.

You need the right photographer so you can show your children and your children’s children how cool your wedding was.

You need the right photographer so you can be proud of your photos, not cringe when someone asks you to show them the album!

I can guarantee you...

That your family friend or mate will get side-tracked by chatting, eating and drinking (the latter is a guarantee), and your photos will be pants!

They will miss the opportunity to snap those special moments no one is aware of.

They will not know the order of the day, where to stand at the ceremony, what works from what angle or in what light, have the right lenses and lighting, know how to direct you and your guests - I could go on.

And they will definitely not know how to edit your photos afterwards. That is a specialist job in itself and takes time and expertise!

THAT is what you pay for!

On your wedding day, you will be busy with your guests and won't be able to be everywhere telling people what to do! You shouldn't anyway. It's your wedding. You should be enjoying yourself, and relax in the knowledge that your photographer has you covered.


Your mate taking photos will NOT have the best time at your wedding - guaranteed. They won’t be able to relax fully being given this mammoth task of capturing your special day! They will fail. They will feel bad about it. So will you. Do you really want that? I didn’t think so.

So, after reading this, if you need an excuse to let someone know about your change of heart, this could be the perfect excuse to give them.

This will be your best day ever. Investing in photography is worth every penny. Perfectly captured memories are priceless, right?

Just imagine the absolute delight when you receive your beautifully edited images from your photographer?!

If you want to save money,

I rather you come to me so I can help you design your wedding, recommend the perfect suppliers, and give you a clear easy to follow road-map, which will help keep you on track and save money.

For example, unnecessary favours, buying a shedload of picture frames to DYI your table seating plan, cute props and nick-nacks that you buy over time, all add up. And then you change your colour palette and non of it looks right anymore. Money down the drain.

Favours nearly always get left behind by tipsy guests and end up as waste on the floor for you to pick up and chuck the next day!

Your guests will not care about goody bags full of personalised sweets, trust me. All they care about is having a good time celebrating your big day. AND seeing good photos of your wedding afterwards. Fact!

So, if you ask me, a good photographer should be a no brainer investment no 1, right there with the perfect venue and a smart, resourceful stylist/planner to help you navigate and save you money, obvs.

Whole Lotta Love,

Zuza xx

Image via Caroline Opacic Photography


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