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How Much Does a UK Wedding Planner Cost? Finding your perfect wedding planner.

Updated: Jun 3

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Planning your dream wedding can be exciting at first, but soon reality kicks in. Without expert help, costly mistakes can be made, and it’s challenging to ensure vendors and venues align with your vision and budget. There's no chance for a do-over, so getting it right the first time is crucial.

The Importance of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Considering a wedding planner or stylist? Thorough research is essential. Explore various styles and prices to find one that fits your budget and vision. Investing in the right wedding planner from the start can be the smartest move you make.

A skilled, design-led wedding planner will elevate your wedding day, ensuring you enjoy the planning process and have the best time on the day itself.

What to Expect from Planners’ Proposals

Prices vary significantly, from as low as £800 for on-the-day coordination to thousands for comprehensive planning. The cost reflects the planner’s calibre - experience, talent, resourcefulness, and capability.

For full wedding planning, expect to pay between 10-15% on top of your total wedding budget with a minimum fee set regardless of your budget. For example, if your budget is £30K, a planner might still charge around £6K for full planning.

Tailored Wedding Packages

Here at Whole Lotta Love, we cater to design-focused couples who want visually stunning setups and deal with mid to high-budgets. We handle all the logistics, design, and coordination so our clients can relax and enjoy their day. Our couples crave unique, never-before-seen weddings, often adding an unconventional twist to traditional celebrations. Our signature style is all about colour and modern luxe, where we truly excel. We are proud to be one of the top go-to UK destination wedding planners, serving overseas couples who want to celebrate their big day in the UK.

Our wedding packages are designed to meet our clients needs and start with a minimum fee. The final cost depends on the size and complexity of your wedding. Each proposal is individually calculated, considering our clients' needs, the services offered, the time spent designing or planning, and the size and expertise of our team.

Comprehensive Services

We spend extensive time planning and designing weddings, from logistics and supplier coordination to creating mood boards and managing budgets.

Our services include:

  • Full Wedding Planning: Handling all logistics, design, bookings, supplier management, and day-of setup, styling and coordination.

  • Wedding Design and Styling: Bringing your vision to life with stunning designs, though planning and on-the-day coordination are additional.

  • Wedding Day Coordination: Ideal for those who have planned everything but need expert coordination on the day.

Wedding Styling - Things to Consider

The venue’s interior plays a crucial role in your wedding setup. A plain backdrop allows for greater styling flexibility, while a more ornate venue requires careful balancing with your wedding colours and props. Remember, a stylist can only work with the tools and suppliers available.

Independent Wedding Coordination vs. Venue Coordinator

Couples often confuse wedding coordination, opting for the venue’s coordinator. However, an independent coordinator offers personalised service, building a timeline with you, managing suppliers, and ensuring everything runs smoothly on your special day.


Do your research to find the right planner, stylist, or coordinator for your vision and budget. Speak to several professionals to ensure they are the right fit for you. Remember, you often get what you pay for.

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