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Should you DIY your wedding or hire a wedding stylist to give you direction and help you design it?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Wedding planner styling a table

Gone are the days of pasty, boring-looking wedding setups! Hurray!

Even as close as 10 years ago the wedding industry looked very different from what's on offer today. All the big wedding mags advertised your typical English countryside white weddings (as if one size fits all), with no diversity of any kind!

Thankfully, social media saved the day by giving the creative industry pros the platform to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded couples. Zillion styled shoots later, you are spoilt for choice. Inspiration overload!

The unconventional colourful wedding revolution is in full swing right now (if you're here reading my blog, then chances are we belong in the same tribe, right!), and we couldn't be happier!

Today couples have information at their fingertips, from the visual feast on Pinterest to endless blogs from wedding industry pros giving you tips on how to plan your wedding.

You can choose from Boho, urban, minimalist, modern, traditional, festival, punk, Rock n' Roll, in any colour, doing it big or small, as quiet or loud as you want it to be. Whatever truly represents you is a go. There are no rules anymore and we LOVE that!

But, knowing what you want your wedding to look like and recognisebridesmaids'pulling it off could be a bit daunting and somewhat unrealistic.

DIY wedding styling is massive nowadays, with brides wanting to create everything from stationery, signage, backdrops, bouquets and favours. And that's all well and good if you're a creative genius/artist/handy with tools, and what you make turns out incredible. But chances are you are not, and what you make turns out looking a bit...meh.

And, by the time you recognised your failure, you've run out of time to book the suppliers who have exactly what you need (good ones are always booked up well in advance!), and you're left stranded with your makeshift props that look very amateur.

DIYing has gone a bit mad if I'm honest. I'm watching people bragging about finding bargains and buying a ton of stuff for their wedding, like candle holders, frames, easels, backdrops, vases, fabrics, etc. All of which they could have hired and saved money doing so.

What a waste of money (false economy for sure), and not to mention bad for the environment - feeding that consumer machine of disposable goods.

And what do you do with all that stuff after the wedding? Even better, who the hell will come to clear and collect it all at the end of the night? You? In your wedding dress? Absolute nightmare!

Trust me when I say, everything can be hired! Everything! The possibilities are endless. And the person who can help direct you to your perfect suppliers is a wedding stylist/planner. We know people!

This is the reason we exist. To make your wedding the best it can be AND to save you time and money!

So, how does hiring a wedding stylist work, I hear you ask?

I approach wedding design the same way as interior design. It all has to sing together in perfect harmony. And the process I use is bulletproof and works every time like magic.

I will meet with you for an informal chat, where I will gather as much information about you as a couple as I can; what you do, how you met, the proposal story, your favourite restaurant, where you like to go on holiday, music, colours, film, hotel, club, books etc.

I will ask you why you have chosen me to help with your wedding design - which aspect of my aesthetic you are drawn to.

I will send you a super fun and visual seasonal personality questionnaire - all the couples love this (well, the brides do anyway).

I will then ask you to send me your Pinterest board, images of your dress, shoes, bridesmaids dresses, groom suits, groomsmen suits, the venue and a list of any suppliers already on board.

Armed with all this information, I will know exactly with whom I'm dealing and know which direction to go when creating your bespoke wedding mood board. Once this mood board is approved (changes can be applied of course- it is something we work on together, although I never had to revise a mood board yet!).

I will design your perfect, easy-to-follow wedding roadmap, recommend all the suppliers you will need to order from, and voila, we are on the way to making your best day ever a reality.

I will brief all the suppliers about our design, leaving the wedmin to you.

As this is purely a wedding design and styling package, I don't deal with budgeting (although I do work within your budget).

I will rock up on the day to coordinate the suppliers, perform my styling magic, and transform your venue into your fantasy, so when you and your guests arrive, all you can hear is oohing and ahhing.

And the best thing about this process is that everything you have hired gets dropped off, taken down and collected afterwards by the suppliers. Result!

If you need me to stay as your on-the-day coordinator, I can combine the two packages and make sure you feel like a total VIP.

To see what's included in the price for each of my wedding designs, styling and coordination packages, go to my wedding page here.

Come, speak to me about your wedding dream. I LIVE to make it a reality.

Whole Lotta Love,

Zuza xx


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