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Why Choose a Humanist Celebrant for Your Wedding Ceremony?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Humanist Wedding Celebrant leading the ceremony at a wedding venue

Humanist celebrant in action: @kickassgatherings

I LOVE humanist weddings! They are all about love and union specially designed for the couple.

It is oh so much more wonderful than your typical church or registry office wedding, which could be a stuffy affair lacking that personal touch needed to make the union of two people special. Let's be honest, how many of you counted the minutes, sitting on that church bench, waiting for the priest to stop yapping so you can start with the celebrations already? I have!

Fortunately, we see more and more couples looking for that uniqueness that truly celebrates their love. And here is where the humanist wedding ceremony comes into play (and to the rescue).

What is a humanist wedding?

A humanist wedding is a non-religious, all-welcoming, inclusive wedding that is personally tailored for the couple. It focuses on your individual love story and all the important things that made you say ‘I do, forever!’.

A humanist wedding is simply wonderful. You can do whatever you want really. You can write your own vows, sing, dance, and act out your own rituals like lighting a unity candle, handfasting, jumping the broom, or symbolic knot tying, and best of all, you can involve everyone present!

You can have it anywhere you like; from your back garden, forest clearing, by the beach, by the lake or in a castle. It can be as small and intimate as you like or huge and elaborate. The possibilities are endless and always fun.

You don’t have to have a best man for example. Have a best woman, or best dog or have your kid or best pal/pals walk you down the aisle. You have total control.

Humanist celebrants are wonderful people. They will spend time getting to know you before the wedding, fully investing in your day, writing the perfectly unique ceremony about your love story and will deliver it with fun and flair.

The only downside of having a humanist wedding right now in the UK and Wales is that they are not legally recognised (yet) as they are in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey, which is totally pants. This means you will have to register the marriage separately at the registry office, for about 57 quid, before or after your wedding day. A bit of nonsense but not a biggy if you ask me.

But, the brilliant news is that 6 couples, supported by Humanists UK are taking the government to the high court to try legalising the humanist ceremony. Their argument is that it is actually a breach of human rights that couples can not choose their way of getting married, which I totally agree with. I’m keeping everything crossed they are successful!!

You can find a full article on this at:

On the same website, you can choose from over 450 qualified, accredited humanist celebrants in your area. They work across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands and can perform weddings, including same-sex weddings, baby naming ceremonies and funerals.

Ah, just think of all the freedom to choose your ceremony venue/place and the wonderful and unique things this can bring to your special day.

Can not wait!

Love Zuza x


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