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Peach and pink tablescape with a giant floating flower installation above.

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A different kind of wedding


It's the beginning of your wedding planning journey. You Google ‘cool, stylish, luxe weddings’, but all that you see are over-the-top tacky traditional setups. You don’t want that. You want to create something truly bespoke and unique to you two, but you’ve fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole and have no idea where to find the suppliers who can fulfil your wedding brief. And then you face the reality of juggling work and day-to-day life with wedding planning (which feels like a full-time job), and it all gets a bit overwhelming.

We deliver low-stress, high-quality one-of-a-kind experiences that are beautiful, memorable and totally you.  

Our couples don't want an ordinary or repeatable wedding style. Settling for the 'this is how is should be done' template doesn't cut it for them.

Our clients are looking for a touch of luxe, but never stuffy or traditional. They love modern and mid-century retro styles and they surround their homes and wardrobes with key, considered items. They understand that having a professional on board, with their vast wedding industry knowledge and connections, is totally invaluable to having a show-stopping celebration. This is where we stand out from the rest.  

We create the most stunning backdrop to your favourite ever day.


Whether you need help with full planning, just design and styling, or on-the-day coordination, we are here to give you a hand when and where you need it most, so you can enjoy being engaged and getting married.


Let's create the wedding of your dreams!

Wedding Planning and Design for Style-Led Couples

A white couple on their wedding day look at the camera. The bride wears a light blue designer dress and vintage veil, and the groom wears a double-breasted blue suit. They stand in the green grounds of a stately home.


Chic, colourful and free-spirited is what Whole Lotta Love Weddings is all about.

We can bring your creative vision to life, save you time and stress by hooking you up with the perfect wedding suppliers, give you direction and nail the logistics. You can truly relax and enjoy the wedding planning without a worry, just as you should.

Show-stopping, cool and memorable events are what we do.


From vow renewals, engagement parties, private and corporate events, to pop-up shops, product launches, exhibition stands, showcases, editorial and branding shoots - we are here to help you stand out from the rest.

A silver mannequin with a disco ball for a head, refracting light around a dark room.


Zuza, our founder, smiles at the camera with folded arms. She is a white woman with long light hair and wears a retro pink silk blouse.

The Team

We are an award-winning wedding planning studio. We specialise in providing creative, bold, memorable celebrations.

We provide luxe, cool, stylish wedding designs and are reliable, professional and considered in our approach.

Our wedding planning secrets, all in one place.

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