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A newly married couple dance their first dance beneath a disco ball and gold streamers, styled by Whole Lotta Love Weddings

Marta Ilardo Photos

Retro-inspired | Colourful | Modern Weddings

Let’s throw the rule book out of the window

Because who wants to follow the all-white wedding traditions, right? Injecting colour into your wedding will give it a modern touch that will set your wedding apart from the rest. Our love of all that is retro, chic, and colourful means we will work with you to plan an epic and unique, modern wedding that will have your guests talking for years!

Our love of all things retro


Let’s face it, The best and most stylish eras were the '60s & and '70s, right? Trailblazers paved the way to all things rule-breaking, cool, chic, and glam. When Rock n’ Roll, maximalism, and colour ruled the world, the icons dictated the trends and we all want a bit of that, don’t we?  This is where our love of retro design comes into play the most.  We think of the bigger picture, the overall look and vibe of your space that will woo your wedding guests and give your photographer something special to capture. Read more about our style here.

Flexible wedding planning packages to suit you


Whatever you have in mind, whatever your needs, we can adapt wedding packages to suit you perfectly. The three packages listed below are your guide for what we are offering, but there are loads of add-ons we can use to custom-create the perfect one for you. All you need to do is fill out the ‘Let’s Talk’ form to book yourself in for a discovery call where we can decide what works best for you.

Full Wedding Planning

If you need help with planning, logistics, and design, this wedding package beats all the rest.

Design & Styling

You sorted the planning but need help with the design, styling, and setup.

Wedding Coordination

You need a pro to coordinate the wedding so you can relax and enjoy your day.

Zuza - Vibe sister and the backbone of our wedding!
The stars aligned when we came upon Zuza. Such great vibrations right from the get-go, and she wowed us the whole way through!

This incredible human comes with a rare combo of big picture and small detail. She's special like that.  At the point we decided to go ahead (I'll be honest, it was a no-brainer!), she was quick to nail down our vibe (affectionately now my 'vibe sister' forever more!). And once that was sorted, the supplier hookups rolled in, all of which were so right for us and incidentally all of whom were also just so talented and so glorious - truly the most fantastic wedding dream team ever!

On the day, Zuza was a total godsend. Truly the backbone of our wedding! We trusted her wholly and completely and she did not let us down! This lady had all logistics in hand - masterminding all the setup and set changes throughout the day, responding to unexpected challenges in her stride, and basically being wholly responsible for our day coming together seamlessly and with perfect composure.
I had such a great time working with you, dearest Zuza. You put the fun into funky and I can't rave enough about how much we appreciated having you on our side. Thank you so so much for everything. Frankly, it's almost a shame we only plan to get married once (but you now have me as a friend for life).

Jazz & Greg, The Secret River Garden, London

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