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How To Plan A Wedding In Under 3 Months

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I know this sounds like complete madness, but nothing is impossible if you're willing to compromise a little and manage your expectations. And, if you're not willing to compromise, find a pro to help you!

Last-minute weddings are usually associated with elopements, but I'm here to show you that you can organise a decent size wedding in a short period of time too.


1.) Forget about weekends! I know that Saturdays are everyone's first choice, but if Covid has thought us anything is that mid-week weddings are more than alright. Midweek weddings have even become cool these days. Especially if you aren't willing to compromise on your dream venue. The good news is that you won't be paying premium weekend prices if you're having your do mid-week, saving yourself a good few bucks in the process!

2.) Have a smaller number of guests. I'm talking around 60-80 people instead of 150. This means that as well as not having to invite your third cousin on your dad's side whom you last saw 20 years ago (result), your venue choice becomes a bit better/bigger. Loads of lovey unusual venues cater for smaller events.

3.) Non-traditional venues like galleries, orangeries, pubs, restaurants and rental homes can be your super cool wedding venue.

4.) Buy your wedding attires off the shelf. I know you're not going to have your bespoke dress/suit tailor-made (this can take around 6 months as you know), but there are so many fantastic choices out there right now, without feeling like you've compromised on that wow factor! Find a gorgeous frock/suit, have it altered in-house and voila.

5.) Send e-invites, create a wedding website or find a wedding website designer to do it for you, if you're not tech-savvy or simply don't have the time to faff about creating one yourself. All the info is easily accessible by all, it acts like your very own personal VA = genius!

6.) HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER to help you find the perfect venue and all your wedding suppliers in record time = VITAL & CRUCIAL!

No matter how capable and organised you are, a good planner will know instantly where to search for venues and which suppliers you'll need to pull this off in record time, without much compromise and within the budget! It's a skill often referred to by past couples as 'the best money spent on the wedding' for a good reason. We know people, people!

I've not only organised a very high-end wedding in under 2 months which looked spectacular but I've recently got booked by a couple who live abroad and had to change their wedding plans last minute because of family circumstances. They have found themselves with the impossible task of having to organise a wedding in the UK from abroad in only 2 months to go!

They were clever, they found me, we had a zoom call, they booked me, I got to it and managed to find them the venue, photographer, wedding website designer, props, band, decor, on the day stationery designer, florist, hair and makeup artist and cake maker within a week, without any compromises whatsoever and within the budget! Just saying.

If you're struggling with your wedding plans, losing sleep over where to find your perfect suppliers, how on earth will you pull it all off in time, make it cool, modern, non-traditional and special, fill out my 'Let's Talk' form and get the ball rolling.

Whole Lotta Love,

Zuza xx

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